Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forever Since I Last Posted Anything....

Sorry guys that I haven't posted anything in a long long long time!!!

Guess what I did yesterday, guys!

That's right! It had something to do with Fear Factor!

But not any Fear Factor, it was one at my college - a program done by Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc.

I participated and I thought it was going to be so easy, a breeze, nothing hard. Why? Because this is exactly how I thought:

I'm Asian so I've eaten a lot of things people would say is nasty. Spicy foods? Easy. I've been eating spicy since I was little. My foods of culture made me bias thinking that whatever they bring out, I'd murder. The Fraternity is majority black, so they any foods they'd think is nasty would probably be foods I've eaten before!
Boy did I think wrong.....There were habanero  peppers, pickled pig feet, pickled pig lips, and that's all I saw there.

In the competition, there were four boys including me and four girls - I being the only other race lmao.
The first round was Habanero peppers. Each person had to eat two Habanero peppers before going into the second round.

Let me tell you about these peppers. I eat so many peppers it's not funny, BUT I eat them with food - not by itself. There's a reason my parents say that peppers can burn holes in your stomach.

It doesn't literally do it but it hurts sooooo much! Well, these peppers are the second hottest peppers in the WORLD! The first is the ghost pepper, but they're illegal in America.

When I was eating these peppers, it was super spicy, but I was able to take it no problem. What I COULDN'T take was the agonizing pain in my stomach. But before I get to that, I have to tell you how I was in the competition. I was the first to chow down those peppers and boy, I drunk all my water. I must tell you though - THE WATER DID NOT HELP ONE BIT!!!!!

After I finished the peppers...I'm not going to lie, I was gagging.... and the pickled pig feet came out.

I took two bites out of the pig feet, spat it out, and got up and left the table and threw up right behind the stage. 
That smell from the pig feet was so sour and so horrible, that it just went straight into my mind saying to throw it up. Throw it up!!!

The stage was lined with a rail and I worked my way down to the trashcan to throw up. I was the only one throwing up in the public, by the way.

 After I threw up in the trashcan I realized that, all I was throwing up was water. The phrase, "Blowing up chunks" was meant that I was blowing up chunks, but no I didn't!
None of the peppers I ate came back out. By this time I knew I had nothing else in my stomach but just those damn peppers!!!!

I walked into the building near the contest and walked to the bathroom. It felt like hours before I reached the bathroom. As I was walking, my stomach was giving me pains that will NEVER endure again! At least, by my own free will anyways. 

The couple of minutes that felt like hours to the bathroom induced with agonizing and tormenting pain in my abdominal regions ended as I slammed opened the door.

I ran all the way to the handicap bathroom just because in the back of my mind, I didn't want people to see me if they were to come in the bathroom for its reason - using the bathroom.

I went straight in the stall and threw up nothing but air in the toilet. I then turned around to lock the stall door and laid on the floor. 

As I was moaning and punching the walls on the floor, people came in and to my surprise, no one even once asked if I was okay. I knew they heard me and saw me laying on the floor, but they went to use the bathroom and left. Some people even used the bathroom and left without washing their hands because I think they were freaked out about me.

I was laying on the bathroom floor for about an hour and then one of the contestants came in rushing into a stall to throw up.

I yelled out, " You alright?!"
 All I heard was him throwing up chunks - I was so happy he was able to do that except me......(sarcasm)

I felt the burning pain starting to finally get smaller and smaller. I finally got up, and went to the sink. I washed my hands, my face, and drank so much of the tap water.

I walked back out to the contest and almost everyone was gone. All the contestants were gone except for me because I just came back. The Fraternity saw me and was laughing so hard.

I KNOW I'm going to be the talk on campus for a while haha.

One of the girls in the contest won, I think she was a Delta. Congrats to her because I couldn't go on. 

I came home and forced myself to go to sleep. NEVER AGAIN AM I GOING TO DO THAT!!!!

I learned one thing, and RE-learned another - people can be terrible and not help others in need but step over them and keep on walking. Two, DO NOT EAT HOT CHILI PEPPERS BY ITSELF!!!!!!! NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER!!!!!

I'm feeling a whole lot better, but what everyone has told me is the people in the contest later felt the exact same way as I did. Too bad I was the one throwing up in front of the audience. The others made it to the bathroom haha

Sorry for not posting things up in quite a while. Glad to be back!

I pulled this off of google, but this was exactly how I looked. Imagine me doing this laying down though.....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Time Traveling is real?

The Mystery:
The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient, intricate machine found in a shipwreck near Greece that dates back to about 100 BC. The Antikythera mechanism contains gears and structures that were not found in devices again for 1000 years, and only then when the Muslims and Chinese were busy inventing shit while the Europeans were busy killing each other.

Why Can’t They Solve It?

First, no one can agree on where the Antikythera mechanism was made or who designed it. Popular belief was that it was made by the Greeks due to its instructions all being in Greek (about a million of our tax dollars were probably spent arriving at that genius conclusion) but serious research published in serious places suggested the design came from Sicily.


The mechanism, aside from placing you at serious risk for severing a finger, was supposedly used to figure out astronomical positions. The problem with that is that at the time this thing was made, no one had yet discovered laws of gravity or how heavenly bodies moved.

In other words, the Antikythera mechanism appears to have functions that no one alive at that time would have understood, and no single mechanical purpose of that era (such as navigating ships) explains the crazy number of functions and settings this machine has.


It’s a scrap from a time machine that exploded the moment it arrived in the past

On the one hand, I love the mystery of things like this. They’re cool, they’re ancient, and I love me some old secrets from days gone by.

One the other hand entirely, I have a few things to say. We LOVE to talk about how the ancient peoples didn’t know shit. We like to think that we’ve gotten more civilized, that none of what the ancients had figured out was anything close to what we know, and that they all probably worshipped their beards or something. “Oh yeah, the ancients all totally believed that rain was just God crying, totally.” We eat that up. 

But there’s two things wrong with that, ESPECIALLY in regards to things like this (and other engineering marvels). To start with, we really don’t have the best view of what the ancients knew. In the various Mediterranean cultures, all of the great writings and knowledge was eventually brought to the Great Library in Alexandria. For about 500 years this place held all the knowledge of the world. Thousands of books and scrolls. 

And then it burned. Twice. 

We lost a LOT of what the ancients knew because of that. Philosophy, science, stories, history, so much was lost due to these fires, and we can never even come close to figuring out what was lost there. There is significant possibility that the ancients knew s much more than what we give them credit for, but we’ll never know, because it burned in a fire.

Secondly, in regards to this specific piece of machinery and other bits in particular, the ancients knew a LOT about astronomy and how the planets and stars moved. In cultures where the planets may have been regarded as the Gods in the sky, and where oftentimes people might’ve believed that everything was controlled by the movements of these bodies, it was utterly imperative that you know how they move. If you understand the movement of the stars, you can predict the future! (or, at least, act like it). Many ancient societies based whole monuments upon the movement of the heavenly bodies, from Stonehenge to the Pyramids. Others, like the Mayans, wrapped up an entire culture in the movement of them, tracking their calendar by the stars themselves. The ancient cultures as a whole relied on astronomy much more than people today might. 

As a last point about this device, it came with an instruction manual of sorts, meaning that it was designed for use by a non-expert, and created by someone who knew what they were talking about. Don’t see many pieces of the TARDIS flying around with instruction manuals on them, do you? 

In conclusion, the Antikythera Device is an INCREDIBLE piece of machinery, and gods only know I would love to understand more about it. But don’t let it fool you into thinking it came from the future or aliens, let it invite you to try to seek out more knowledge about the cultures that came before us and the brilliance of their inventors!

But now, if you really want some absolutely crazy, we-can’t-even-slightly-explain-it stuff, check out the Voynich Manuscript. Written in a language no one knows or can read, about fanciful items and biology no one knows about. 


Maybe THIS is the time travel bit we’re looking for. Maybe this is the Doctor’s Journal! Check the first few pages to see if it might read “Hello, Sweetie.”


Friday, July 15, 2011

Tiring Day!

Today was tiring....I took a test in the morning and then I come home to a phone call.

My friend, Ronald called me as soon as he was ASLEEP?!!? lols

Well, I called him gay because I was the first person to think of when he wakes up.

So he told me to help him move stuff.

I said okay.

I come and guess what??? I had to move furniture and tables and whatnot! SOOOOO much STUFF xD

Now I'm home. Late and tired. I work tomorrow too...Blahs.

Sunday, July 10, 2011



I got a kitten too!!!!
Guess what though? I'm allergic...but I'm not going to give her up xP

Ain't she cute! xD


For Mr. LB from Mrs. LB